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Dear friends:

  Welcome to JINZAI FOOD GROUP CO.,LTD, this is a interface between JINZAI FOOD and Society, you could get to know the company development history, future prospect and endeavor of us.

  Food is a faith of my life, it is not just an achievement in the past, but also a desire to great life. For thousands years, Hunan taste past on by generations, as a new generation, the memories of my mother cooked fish inspire me much for more than 20 years. She is so sweet to remove the fishy smell and fishbone, and give the most fresh & tender part to us. She always told us : “ eat more fish, and you will be intelligent.” It is a strict demand of a kind mother to her children’s food, and a great memory keep in her children’s mind.


  These "children" strove in the tide of the times, and perhaps lived a decent and glamorous life, but they also fell into an plussed life. The fast pace of the city constrained their freedom. "Let life return to simplicity, happiness, and freedom." which is the truly desire of modern people!They need a new lifestyle, which they can return to the happy state in their memory anytime and anywhere. In my memory, fish is a symbol that can bring people a happy lifestyle. Based on Yueyang’s unique gourmet heritage, 100% natural wild fish as raw materials, to create convenient delicacies for modern urban life, make leisure food healthier and life happier. It’s not only my aspiration, but also Jinzai’s commitment to the society. 

  With 20 years perseverance, everyone can enjoy truly safe, instant and delicious snack foods and experience a happy life. "Jinzai" and "Boweiyuan" brands are getting more and more popular since they were launched on the market, and Jinzai Food become the leading fish snack company in the industry.


  There are still full of pressure and challenging in the future. As the leader of Jinzai Food, I will review the future development and strategy  and stay with all Jinzai people and partners, taking "make life return to simplicity, happiness, freedom, and become an influential snack food company in the world" as a guide and dedicating delicious food to the world.

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