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Jinzai Food Group Co., Ltd. is a modernized snack food company integrating production, marketing and research. As a inheritor of Chinese food culture, Jinzai Food Group Co., Ltd. insists on seeking quality for consumers, a win-win strategy for partners, and benefiting employees, continuously improving the level of innovative R&D and intelligent production, and providing consumers with safe , delicious and instant snack food, spreading the philosophy of healthy, happy and fashionable life.


It has been 30 years since the founder Mr. Zhou Jinsong stepped into food industry. Born in the banks of the Miluo River, Mr. Zhou was deeply loved baked fish and dried tofu in his hometown when he was a child, and grew up with his dream of turning "childhood taste" into pocket snacks. In 2010, Mr. Zhou Jinsong, who was concerned about the construction of his hometown, returned to his hometown and founded Huawen Food Company.





Messages of Chairman

Welcome to JINZAI FOOD GROUP CO.,LTD, this is a interface between JINZAI FOOD and Society, you could get to know the company development history, future prospect and endeavor of us.

 Food is a faith of my life, it is not just an achievement in the past, but also a desire to great life. For thousands years, Hunan taste past on by generations, as a new generation, the memories of my mother cooked fish inspire me much for more than 20 years. She is so sweet to remove the fishy smell and fishbone, and give the most fresh & tender part to us. She always told us : “ eat more fish, and you will be intelligent.” It is a strict demand of a kind mother to her children’s food, and a great memory keep in her children’s mind.

Messages of Chairman


To be a influential snack food enterprise in the world



To be the inheritor of Chinese food Culture


Profession, Innovation, Tolerance, Virtue

development path
  • 2020-09-05

    In 2020

    Jinzai Food successfully listed on the SME Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 003000.
  • 2020-08-28


  • 2020-08-28



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